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How priceless is it to be able to freeze a moment, an emotion, an expression, a memory.... or bring to life before the eyes a brilliant piece of architecture in a place far away! Think of how fabrics and jewellery can come to life and make you yearn to have them.... or how a person’s wholesome beauty, charm or magnetism can shine through a picture. How entthralling it is to travel and recreate journeys through pictures....as much as it is a blissful experience to capture the myriad faces and facets of life and the people to whom they belong.

It is a constant pursuit for me, through the Faces ‘n’ Facets venture, to capture the priceless, to bring out the best and give the best. The desire to push boundaries and do better, makes photographs never remain just pictures, but go much further...

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With an earnest intent to do what I do best and what I love, I took up photography as a profession after a post graduate course in communications, challenging years in advertising, a full time course in photography and having assisted two leading photographers.

It has been a path of self discovery, passion and adventure since then. All the assignments I have undertaken have opened windows into new worlds and to new people. I strongly believe it is the excitment and passion felt through these experiences that reflect in a person’s work. I am also lucky and proud to have clients that recognize this passion through a deep appreciation of my work, by giving me further opportunities to click or by strongly recommending my work to more clients.

I am grateful to be here and look forward to enjoying more interesting work with a variety of people and a variety of projects and assignments.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Contact: Nithya +91 9867648820
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Website: www.facesnfacets.com
Faces n Facets